Conference Materials
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2018 (Portland)

2018 Conference Program Book
2018 Reading Repertoire
Service of Remembrance - 8/2/2018

Workshop Handouts:

Classical Repertoire (Watson Born)
Comfort Choirs (Maziarz)
Copyright (Ector)
Decolonizing Your Music Library (Shelton)
Evensong (Arnold & Burrows)
Fair Compensation Guide (Plenary session)
Healthy Emotional Leadership  (Speck)
Social Network and Emergence Theory (Reiker)
Small Choir Repertoire (Peck)

2017 (Arlington)

2017 Conference Program Book
2017 Reading Repertoire

Workshop Handouts:

Children's Choral Rep  (Billerbeck)
Copyright in the Digital Age  (Levine)
Death of Sunday School and and Future of Faith Formations I (Sweeney)
Death of Sunday School and and Future of Faith Formations II (Sweeney)
No Enemies: Strength Through Song (Hubert)
So You've Got the Job, Now What?  (Arnold, Cunningham
Time Management (McCann)
UU History, Theology - and Race (Fenimore)
White Supremacy Teach-In (Meyer)
Working Without a Score  (Merbach)

2016 (Madison)

2016 Conference Program Book
2016 Reading Repertoire

McFee info links:

Workshop Handouts:

Building the band (Godfrey)
Building the band_outline  (Godfrey)
Companioning circles (Reynolds)
Hymnary and digital resources (Brandt)
Save Time! Use Movement in your Choir Rehearsal! (Con)
Self-Care For Musicians (Jaworski)
So You Have a Band. Now what? (Dearing)
Tai Chi Chuan and Conducting: A Whole New World! (Con)

2015 (Boston)

2015 Conference Program Book
2015 Reading Repertoire

Workshop Handouts:

Comfort Choir (Maziarz)
Conducting Basics (Watson-Born)
Copyright (Finner, Gartner, Holdstedt)
Drumming for Hymns (Meyer)
Intro to Lyric Writing (Poley)
Jewish Music Resources (Page)
Multicultural Competence I (Baron, Norton, et al)
Multicultural Competence II (Baron, Norton, et. al.)
Technology for Music Ministry (Levine)
You Deserve Professional Development (Gartner)

2014 (San Diego)

2014 Conference Program Book
2014 Reading Repertoire

Workshop Handouts:

88 Pieces for 88 Keys (Kramer)
Becoming a Musical Entrepreneur (Kendrick)
Beyond Warm-ups (Milton)
Challenging Times: Interim Ministry (Arnold, Norton)
Choral Composing I (Maas)
Choral Composing II (Maas)
Choral Composing III (Maas)
Composers' Forum (Peck)
Conducting from the Keyboard (Blazer)
It's Not Just Learning the Notes I (Milton, Watson-Born)
It's Not just Learning the Notes II (Milton, Watson-Born)
Managing Creative Tensions (Gartner)
Multimedia - Just Enough (Bass)
Music in "Blended" Worship (Arnold, Walker)
South African Choral Singing (Thomas)
Women's Choir Techniques (Mendoza-Khan, Ryals)

2013 (Dallas)

2013 Conference Program Book
2013 Reading Repertoire

Workshop Handouts:

Building the Arc of a Service (Keely, Vogel)
Childrens Choir Technique and Rep (Preskitt-Brown)
Creative Motion (Klontz)
Drumming booklist (Meyer)
Future of Faith (McMullen)
Handchimes (Preskitt-Brown)
Hymnody 1 (Herman)
Hymnody 2 (Herman)
Rehearsal and tuning techniques, warmups (Tucker)
Singing Meditation (Hubert)

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